Donna Cleary | Senior Policy Advisor

Donna graduated from San Dieguito High School and San Diego State University. Since the late 80’s, she has worked with elected officials at every level of government.  In the private sector, she developed and implemented communication and outreach strategies to inform and engage constituents on a variety of issues such as Medi-Care Part D, the “Stand for Less” reduce and reuse campaign, the Green Build at San Diego International Airport, Joint Strike Fighter Alternate Engine and opposition to Offshore Oil Drilling along California’s coastline.  

Additionally, Donna has previously served on staff for two members of Congress, a retired member for the County Board of Supervisors, three members of the San Diego City Council and two State Senators.  Her responsibilities included organizing San Diego elected and law enforcement communities to prepare policy to deter production of  Crystal Methamphetamine in San Diego and contributed language in the Omnibus Drug Act, battling state agencies to get appropriate signage for Miramar National Cemetery,  organizing large informational seminars for parents to protect their children from online predators, Foster Child Awareness Month with the cast of the T.V. show the Fosters and the first “Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign” at the City of San Diego.  

As a resident of Carlsbad and a mother of three.  Her two sons have graduated from the University of San Diego and her daughter is an up and coming fashion she designer.  

If you have questions regarding Health & Human Services which includes Behavioral Health Services, Eligibility Benefits, Aging and Independent Services, Child Welfare Services or Public Safety which includes Fire, Child Support Services, EMS, Medical Examiner, Office of Emergency Services, Probation, Public Defender, District Attorney of  Sheriff’s Department please contact Donna.

[email protected]