A Border Crisis in San Diego

A Border Crisis in San Diego

Yesterday, I witnessed firsthand the sight of hundreds of individuals from various corners of the world being dropped onto our streets. This comes on the heels of the closure of the Migrant Resource Center last Friday. The Federal Government left the County without any resources and so far has left 1,300 people stranded and without guidance.


This situation is inhumane and untenable for all parties involved. Many of these migrants are disoriented and unsure of their whereabouts, let alone how to reach their final destinations, which for many is on the East Coast.

Most importantly, there is the safety aspect that is being overlooked. Border Patrol told me that the background checks on those entering the country are minimal and not done for the country of origin. This comes on the heels of the awful story out of Georgia, where an illegal immigrant murdered a student at the University of Georgia.

The responsibility for this crisis lies squarely at the feet of the Federal Government and the State of California. Their open border policies and misguided incentives create this untenable situation. Despite our repeated pleas for support and resources, the Federal Government remains unresponsive to our calls for assistance. Our immigration system is wrecked, and until it is fixed, we should not allow more people than we can manage into the country.

The situation at our border has reached alarming levels, with over 100,000 border encounters recorded in San Diego alone over the past five months. This surge is not simply a matter of numbers; it is a glaring symptom of a Federal system failing to enforce the laws designed to safeguard our nation's borders.


We have a lawful immigration system in place, where individuals apply through Embassies worldwide, undergo thorough vetting, and are granted entry into America by due process. However, the current situation unfairly prioritizes these thousands of people bypassing the established process and undermining those waiting their turn.

Our airports are overwhelmed, our hotels are at capacity, and the influx of thousands of individuals onto our streets will only exacerbate our homeless crisis.

Until the immigration system is reformed, and rules are enforced so we can ensure proper vetting procedures for those entering our country, I am calling for the temporary shutdown of the border.

I urge you to join me in demanding action from our elected officials at the Federal level. Together, we can bring about the changes needed to protect our community and uphold the integrity of our borders.

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