Camp Fox

Camp Fox

Camp Fox, is located within the Cleveland National Forrest at the base of Palomar Mountain. For over 75 years, the San Diego County Board of Education (SDCOE) has used the camp as an outdoor education experience for 6th graders across the County. 

The deed granting ownership required SDCOE to return the property back to the County if they no longer wanted to occupy the land. Seeing a unique opportunity, I've put forth a Board letter for CAL FIRE to use  Camp Fox as a fire center for year-round training.

CAL FIRE will make improvements to the property, investing significant resources to clear overgrown vegetation and update the aging buildings. Once renovations have been completed, four CAL FIRE Firefighter 1 hand crews will inhabit the property, providing 24-hour wildland fire protection coverage.

This will help greatly as we head into fire season.

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