Honoring TJ Crossman

Honoring TJ Crossman

Earlier today, I had the privilege of presenting a special proclamation to TJ Crossman, who is the depiction of a strong and resilient father, an exceptional community role model, and an example of a "Super Dad.

TJ has been a resident of Vista since 1992 and has worked tirelessly as a mechanic, repairing vehicles ranging from fire trucks to law enforcement vehicles.

Despite facing numerous challenges himself, including being a cancer survivor, widower, and single parent, TJ has not only succeeded in his professional endeavors but also in being an incredible father. He furthered his business endeavors by establishing TJ Crossman's Auto Repair Shop in Vista while maintaining a strong dedication to his family. TJ believes that customer service is the most important thing in the world, always striving to build trust and foster special relationships with his customers.

Moreover, TJ's caring nature extends beyond his professional life. He has given back to the community by fixing up cars and donating them to those in need, including a Vista special education teacher last Christmas. TJ's compassion knows no bounds as he continuously spreads love, kindness, and support to all he interacts with, particularly individuals battling cancer, senior citizens, and the unhoused.

I was honored to proclaim this day, the 13th of June 2023, as "Best Father – Anthony 'TJ' Crossman Day" throughout San Diego County. We honor TJ for his perseverance, unwavering devotion to his family, and passion for giving back to his community.

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