Judge Releases Sexually Violent Predator

Judge Releases Sexually Violent Predator

It is with profound disappointment and deep concern that I express my opposition to the decision allowing the placement of Sexually Violent Predator Alvin Quarles, also known as the "Bolder than Most" rapist, back into San Diego County. 

The judge's decision is devastating for our community, and I strongly believe there is no place for such a monstrous individual in our midst.

For over three years, Mr. Quarles terrorized our communities, committing heinous acts of rape against a dozen women. His behavior's consistent and egregious nature underscores the fact that he should never be allowed to re-enter our community. My heart goes out to the victims who now must endure the painful prospect of reliving their trauma, knowing that this dangerous individual will be reintegrated into society.

Sexually Violent Predators represent the worst of the worst. State classification as a sexually violent predator is reserved for individuals who have been convicted of violent sex crimes against at least one victim and have been diagnosed with a condition that increases the likelihood of re-offending. Time and time again, we have witnessed these placements despite overwhelming public outcry against such decisions.

I want to assure the residents of San Diego County that I am committed to doing everything I can to prevent such placements in our community. The safety and well-being of our residents must always be our top priority, and I will continue to advocate for measures that protect our community from individuals who threaten public safety.

I am bringing forward legislation at our next Board meeting to prevent sexually violent predators from being placed in our community. I will keep you updated as we get closer to the vote.

This decision, once again, underscores the need for comprehensive reform in the way sexually violent predators are handled within our legal system.

There will be an update on February 16 regarding where Mr. Quarles will be placed in San Diego County.

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