Migrant Shelter in San Diego?

Migrant Shelter in San Diego?

Earlier this week, I stood as the lone dissenting voice against looking into a Long-Term Migrant Transfer Site and Respite Shelter in San Diego. My decision stems from a deep concern about the implications of supporting such a facility in our community.


I refuse to be complicit in perpetuating a failed and broken immigration system. Accommodating the overflow of individuals crossing the border unlawfully is not a sustainable solution. Rather than addressing the root causes of this issue, it only serves to exacerbate the dysfunction within the immigration system.

Our nation has established processes for seeking asylum and legally entering the United States. However, these processes are being circumvented, leading to an unsustainable influx of migrants. It is the responsibility of the federal government to enforce existing laws and procedures rather than expecting local communities like ours to bear the burden of their shortcomings.

Instead of prioritizing the safety and welfare of San Diegans, we find ourselves allocating precious time and resources to address issues caused by federal negligence, such as migrant street releases.

I firmly believe that establishing additional shelters is merely a band-aid solution to a much deeper problem. The President can immediately secure the border without waiting for Congressional approval. Until such action is taken, I see no justification for spending further resources to address the consequences of federal inaction.

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