Restoring Pools and Empowering Youth in Oceanside

Restoring Pools and Empowering Youth in Oceanside

I wanted to share some exciting news regarding two vital aspects of our community: our treasured community swimming pools and empowering our youth through sports.

Community pools hold a special place in many of our hearts. They are where memories are made, friendships are forged, and where many of us first learn to swim. However, a few years ago, concerns arose regarding the potential closure of both the Brooks Street Pool and the Marshall Street Pool in Oceanside due to much-needed repairs. Recognizing the significance of these pools to our community, I was committed to finding a solution.


I'm proud to share that over the past two years, we've allocated $339,000 from our Neighborhood Reinvestment Program grant towards the City of Oceanside. These funds were instrumental in facilitating the replacement of pool plaster for both the Marshall and Brooks Street Pools. This endeavor was a fantastic partnership with the City of Oceanside, and I extend my sincerest gratitude to them for their collaboration and dedication to this project.

Witnessing the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the reopening of these pools was truly a moment of joy. Seeing them come back to life, bustling with activity and laughter, reaffirmed the importance of preserving these community assets.

Oceanside Finest Basketball Program

But our efforts continue beyond there. Through our Neighborhood Reinvestment grant program, we've also had the privilege of contributing towards the Oceanside Finest Basketball program. This nonprofit organization provides invaluable opportunities for our youth, offering free access to basketball fundamentals, equipment, and mentorship.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending one of their sessions and witnessing firsthand the program's positive impact on our youth.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can continue to make a positive difference in our community.

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