Seeing the Chaos at the Border

Seeing the Chaos at the Border

I wanted to update you on the immigration crisis, which continues to overwhelm our Border Patrol agents and cause a major strain on our local resources.

Earlier this week, I visited the border and migrant encampments in Jacumba. The chaos continues with dozens of people camped out, waiting for Border Patrol to take them to a resource center, paid for by county taxpayers.

While I was there, I saw a suburban speed towards the fence on the Mexico side, drop off about a dozen people, and rush away. The migrants then walked through an opening and entered the United States. Check out the video below and see our broken immigration system in real-time.

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Equally disturbing was coming across an abandoned campsite filled with tents, food, drinks, and campfires. The area has become a temporary holding site before migrants are then processed into our country.

We have never seen anything like this at our border before, and our federal government is nowhere to be found. Over 68,000 migrants have entered our County in the past three months.

In December alone, there were over 276,000 migrant encounters nationwide at the southern border, marking the highest single month ever recorded. Since October 1st, Border Patrol has logged over 760,000 migrant encounters across the southern border, and in November, 17 individuals on the FBI's terror watchlist were arrested at the Southern Border.

The County of San Diego is now expending over $1 million per month on migrant services from local tax dollars earmarked for housing and homelessness. While I'm opposed to allocating local tax dollars, the situation is only getting worse. If you oppose our current border policy, I encourage you to contact your federal representatives and voice your concerns.

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