What are the Rules for an SVP?

What are the Rules for an SVP?

Earlier today, I submitted a California Public Records Act request to the State of California asking for all correspondence regarding Sexually Violent Predators with Liberty Healthcare. 

It is time for San Diegans to know details regarding the placement of Sexually Violent Predators. Understanding how SVPs are handled will help us to protect our neighborhoods from these unwanted criminals.

Five more SVPs are pending placement in San Diego County. As more and more SVP’s have been forced upon our communities by the State of California, I have heard from concerned constituents asking for details of conditions and procedures, once a placement occurs.

What happens to SVP’s during emergency evacuations? Can an SVP go to the grocery store, if not, who pays to do their shopping? Who can visit an SVP? What happens in the event that they run? All of these questions and much more the residents of San Diego County should know.

Protecting our region is paramount, especially with the startling news that five more SVP’s could potentially be placed in San Diego County by the end of the year.

By submitting this PRA request, the State of California must release records, contracts, and much more, regarding SVP’s to help neighborhoods know the rules and regulations and to help local leaders keep law and order.  

I will continue to speak out against all placements, as Sexually Violent Predators make up the worst of the worst. Knowledge is power, and the people of San Diego County should not be kept in the dark.

You can read the letter I sent to the State below:

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