$3 Million More for Migrant Services

$3 Million More for Migrant Services

The Board of Supervisors approved allocating another $3 million for migrant services. I was the lone "no" vote, as this is no way to run a government. The County has already spent $3 million in local dollars, which ran out in less than three months.

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Now, more money will be diverted away from county taxpayers. We have seen over 50,000 migrants enter San Diego County since September 13, and there are no signs of this slowing down. Our immigration system is broken, and San Diegans shouldn't have to sacrifice local services because of this breakdown. This situation is unsustainable for our community, both financially and logistically.

Migrants entering our country need assistance, but it’s the Federal Government’s responsibility, not the County’s, to fund and provide the necessary resources. The decision to use County funds for non-U.S. Citizens and federal immigration issues with no end in sight is a recipe for disaster.

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