Candyce Yee | Grants Administrator/Community Liaison

Candyce Yee was born and raised in Hawaii. Continuing with her goal of never leaving a state without palm trees, beaches, and beautiful weather she graduated college at UC San Diego. Candyce began her career working for former County Supervisor Bill Horn and has enjoyed helping the residents of District 5 for over 13 years. She has served as a guest speaker on panels to help businesses and nonprofit organizations in the community gain a better knowledge of successfully navigating the world of government grants. In her free time… who are we kidding between a young daughter and a husky who thinks she’s a human, Candyce doesn’t have much free time on her hands. However, she wouldn’t trade it for the world and loves being able to be involved in helping raise such an incredible daughter.

If you have questions regarding the Small Business Stimulus Program, Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, or Community Enhancement, contact Candyce. You will run into her at meetings and events around North County.

[email protected]