Community Revitalization Program

In an effort to support the unincorporated communities, Supervisor Jim Desmond activated a Community Revitalization Program for Fallbrook, Valley Center and Borrego Springs.

The Revitalization programs have demonstrated results through improved services and facilities as well as strengthened relationships between the County and unincorporated community residents and leaders.

These programs empower residents to resolve issues and revitalize communities through coordination of community resources, regular meetings and direct connection to County staff and resources. Each of the three Revitalization Committees have sub-committees who meet regularly to determine specific goals in areas that are most important to the community. Committee members then work closely with County staff to achieve goals based on available public resources.

Supervisor Jim Desmond stays directly engaged by leading regular meetings to monitor progress in each community. The meetings are open to the public so if you are interested in joining a subcommittee, learning more, or attending a meeting, contact our office at (619) 531-5555 or email Shaina Richardson at [email protected].