Environment / Clean Water

We are extremely fortunate to live in such a wonderful County, filled with beauty that is unimaginable unless you see it in person. With that beauty, comes responsibility, especially for our coastline.

In 2019, I led the effort to oppose offshore oil drilling and sent a letter to the Federal Government to reject any proposal that would allow an expansion of offshore oil drilling in the coastal waters. Last year’s oil spill in Long Beach served as a stark reminder of the need to oppose any offshore oil drilling in San Diego County.

Also, last year the Board of Supervisors approved a new rapid water quality testing technology for our beaches. In the past, water quality testing would take anywhere from 72- 96 hours. Now, with this new rapid testing technology, we can alert beachgoers within hours if the water is potentially dangerous due to harmful bacteria. This is an exciting step for our beach communities, especially because San Diego County will be the first in the nation to have this system. Clean water is essential for the health of San Diegans and all who visit our beaches.

It is critical we find a solution for spent nuclear fuel. While it is safely stored at San Onofre the intention has always been for a permanent geological repository so the land can be fully restored and returned to the Navy. Last year, the Board unanimously supported participation in a new coalition named Action for Spent Fuel Solutions Now that provides an opportunity for stakeholders, including local governments, to join forces and make offsite spent fuel storage and disposal a priority. This is a major step to protect our region and find a solution for nuclear waste. I will keep you updated with our efforts.