Recruiting & Retaining Sheriff Deputies

Recruiting & Retaining Sheriff Deputies

Earlier this year, I docketed a Board letter along with Supervisor Anderson to review the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department staffing and recruitment shortages.

Since then, County staff has been working with the Sheriff's Department and other entities on a strategy to address staffing shortages.

Applications to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department have decreased 25% during the past year and decreased 36% between 2018 and 2021.

I'm pleased to say, yesterday, the County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a new compensation package to help fill the gap for the over 350 unfilled deputy and other staff positions in San Diego County.

The recommendations that were approved include:

  1. Establishing night shift premiums.
  2. Increasing the lateral incentive pay to $20,000 for new hires from other law enforcement agencies.
  3. Establishing relocation allowances for Deputy Sheriffs’ classifications for new hires who relocate to accept employment with the County of San Diego.
  4. Allowing lateral transfers to accrue vacation at an advanced rate based on prior experiences.

We must do all we can to recruit the best and brightest deputies to San Diego County. These brave men and women risk their lives every day protecting our neighborhoods and they should be compensated well for their bravery. 

Learn more by clicking the video below.

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