Special Election

Special Election

Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to support a special election to fill the District 4 seat.

Here’s how the process will work for replacing Mr. Fletcher:

  • June 6: Nomination Deadline
  • August 15: Special Primary Election
  • November 7: Special General Election (If no candidate gets over 50% in primary)

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I'm glad we could all agree on the need for a special election. The people of San Diego County deserve a fair and democratic process that respects their rights and values their input.

Holding a special election ensures that San Diego County residents can choose their representatives fairly and transparently.

It’s important for the 700,000 people that live in District 4 to decide directly who will represent them for the next three years. The people that live in this district deserve to have their voices heard.

A special election will ensure that the residents can evaluate and compare the candidates, their positions, and their qualifications rather than be decided by four politicians outside District 4.

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