Home Schools and Stopping SVP's

Home Schools and Stopping SVP's

Over the past year, I've been working to stop the placement of Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs). While we've been successful at stopping most from being placed in our communities, the State continues to try and dump more SVPs in San Diego County. 

There are certain stipulations when it comes to the proposed placements of SVPs. Currently, SVPs are not allowed to be placed near public or private schools but can be placed near a homeschool. I believe homeschools should be treated exactly the same as other schools not be forced to have an SVP live next door. 

At our upcoming Board meeting, I have put forth legislation along with Supervisor Anderson to oppose any proposed placement of a sexually violent predator near a public or private school, including homeschool sites. 

This is incredibly important, especially with the pending placement decision of Douglas Badger in Borrego Springs. Terrie Kellmeyer lives right across the street from this proposed placement. Terrie has three kids including two who are deaf and homeschooled. 

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