• Help for Domestic Violence Victims

    A lot has happened during my first three years on the Board of Supervisors, but there is nothing that I’m prouder to be a part of than the Family Justice Center, coming to San Marcos.

  • AG Pass

    At our last Board of Supervisors meeting, I brought forth an item directing County staff to explore the creation of an "Agriculture Pass". An Ag Pass can provide limited access during a wildfire or emergency to restricted areas in order to care for agriculture assets such as feeding animals, transporting livestock, and irrigating valuable crops.

  • Gas Tax Update

    I wanted to give you the latest news as gas prices continue to rise across San Diego County. At Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Anderson and I initiated action, unanimously approved by the Board, to send a letter to State lawmakers for a one-year suspension of the state gas tax.

  • Lowering Electricity Rates

    Last week, I sent a letter to Governor Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission to immediately implement measures to alleviate rising energy costs.

  • Two New Fire Stations

    Last week, I had the opportunity to visit two wonderful North County communities, Palomar Mountain and Sunshine Summit to see their newly renovated fire stations! 

  • Fentanyl Crisis

    Last week, I hosted a fentanyl policy roundtable that included updates from DEA Narcotics officials, Homeland Security Investigators, The U.S. Attorney’s office, California policymakers, and medical professionals about the impacts of fentanyl.

  • Suspend the Gas Tax

    This week, I submitted a Board letter along with Supervisor Anderson to the County Board of Supervisors asking for a one-year suspension of the State of California’s Gas Tax. 

  • A Need For Senior Housing

    Seniors on fixed-income are struggling to afford to live in San Diego, here's what we are doing to help.

  • Let's Come Together

    The Covid 19 two-year anniversary is upon us, now what?