• $10 Billion on Homelessness

    A new state report was released last week that showed California spent nearly $10 billion on homelessness over a three-year period. This was released during the same week that the Downtown San Diego Partnership announced a record number of homeless people living on the streets.

  • The Emergency is Finally Over

    The COVID-19 emergency has finally ended at the county and state levels. My biggest hope is that politicians learn from the mistakes that were made. 

  • The Voting System at SANDAG 🗳️

    In 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 805. While there wasn't much publicity at the time, the measure was proposed by state legislatures in Sacramento, and now the power is being abused at SANDAG.

  • Why Are My Electric & Gas Bills So High?

    That's a question I've been asking myself and a frequent question my office has received. I'm asking the same questions, and it appears the answers aren't simple, but there needs to be a solution.

  • Pump Pod

    We know the threat of a fire is constant in San Diego County. While we've been fortunate that no major fires have broken out in the last few years, we must continue to invest in tools to keep us safe!

  • Affordable Housing

    Workforce housing and affordable housing for seniors are both vital. 

  • Homeless Success Story

    Homelessness is a public health crisis. I say it often, but as a society, we can and should do better! It’s simply inhumane to allow people to live on the street. In North County, we've led the way when it comes to helping people into treatment.

  • Taxing You into Public Transportation

    San Diego County’s Regional Transportation agency’s (SANDAG) latest transportation plan is designed to make driving so expensive that you succumb to public transportation. In addition to the current gas tax and registration fees, SANDAG’s plan adds three new half-cent sales tax increases, over 800 miles of San Diego County freeway lanes converted to toll lanes, and a mileage tax for every mile driven to pay for their $165 billion public mass transit plan.

  • Looking Ahead to 2023

    I've officially begun my second term on the County Board of Supervisors. For the ceremony, I was able to choose who I wanted to swear me into office and I was honored to have Bo Mazzetti, Chairman of The Band of Luiseño Indians. One of the most rewarding and meaningful parts of being a Supervisor over the last four years has been getting to work with our tribal governments. 

  • Home Schools and Stopping SVP's

    Over the past year, I've been working to stop the placement of Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs). While we've been successful at stopping most from being placed in our communities, the State continues to try and dump more SVPs in San Diego County.