• Uniting Against Human Trafficking: A Night of Awareness and Action

    In a powerful and emotionally charged town hall event held last night, our community came together to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: human trafficking.

  • Oppose the Mileage Tax at SANDAG's Board Meeting

    I wanted to bring to your attention a critical issue concerning all San Diego County residents – the contentious Road User Charge, commonly known as the mileage tax, proposed by SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments).

  • Vets Beyond The Uniform

    Today, at our Board of Supervisors meeting, we had the honor of recognizing an exceptional group that's making a significant difference in the lives of our military veterans and their spouses.

  • DNA Testing at the Border

    I've just taken action by sending a letter addressed to President Biden and the Federal Government, urging them to reinstate DNA testing at the border. This is a crucial step in addressing the rampant issue of human trafficking that plagues our border communities.

  • North County United Against Free Needles

    A few weeks ago, I talked about how The County of San Diego is pursuing a harm reduction program through the California Department of Public Health, including syringe services and safer smoking supplies. This potential program involves, in part, the distribution of free needles and various other drug paraphernalia.

  • Power Grabs Through Voting 🗳️

    There is a major issue in San Diego County with smaller cities feeling overshadowed by their larger counterparts within SANDAG and the San Diego Water Authority. This power dynamic has unfortunately given rise to a plethora of dysfunctions that pervade our local political landscape on a daily basis.

  • Combating Human Trafficking

    San Diego County, known for its beauty and promise, is now marred by the grim reality of human trafficking. According to the FBI, San Diego is one of the country's 13 hotspots for human trafficking.

  • Grant Memo- August 23

    We are excited to inform you about the latest development regarding transparency and accountability in our county's governance. As part of our ongoing commitment to openness and accessibility, we are implementing a new policy that mandates each Supervisor to post details of their grant awards on the official County website.

  • Free Emergency Pet Kit Giveaway

    Ensure your pet's safety by having a well-prepared emergency plan in place!

  • Remembering Everett Foundation

    Today, we had the honor of recognizing the Everett Foundation at our Board meeting. As summer is in full swing, more people flock to pools and beaches to beat the heat. We all must prioritize water safety, particularly for children.