• Special Election

    Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to support a special election to fill the District 4 seat.

  • Remembering Coach Herbert C. Meyer

    San Diego lost a true legend on April 8th, when Herbert C. Meyer passed away while vacationing with his family in Spokane, Washington.

  • Remembering Arie De Jong

    With a heavy heart, we adjourn today's meeting in honor of Arie de Jong Jr, a man whose life embodied the true meaning of faith, family, and community.

  • Honoring Stachetober

    Stachetober is usually celebrated in October, but with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we had the opportunity to honor our brave firefighters for their work.

  • Bringing Housing to North County

    I am proud to support the collaborative effort between National CORE, the City of San Marcos, and the County of San Diego in completing the reconstruction of the Villa Serena affordable housing community.

  • The Failures of Housing First

    Why are we seeing more and more homeless people on the streets? It's a question every San Diegan is asking themselves. Despite billions of dollars being spent, why is the problem only worsening? One of the biggest reasons is the State's approach, Housing First.

  • Transportation Technology

    A few weeks ago, I shared my experience touring the Boring Company in Las Vegas. This is part of my effort to learn about the latest transportation technologies.

  • Emergency Pet Kit Giveaway

    If you're a pet owner, having a plan for your furry friend during an emergency is crucial.

  • The More You Make The More You Pay for Electricity?

    Last week, California utility companies rolled out a new fixed-rate bill proposal. The basics of the proposal are the more you make, the more you pay for the flat rate. Then there will be a reduced usage charges, subsidized for all households by the flat rate.

  • Chief Adminstrative Officer

    While most of the attention at the County Board of Supervisors has been on finding a replacement for District 4, another vacancy is just as vital.